Is a 728 Fractional CMO right for me?

We're not for everyone – here's how to know if we are a good fit for you:

  1. Sufficient Marketing Budget: You have at least $10k per month set aside for advertising. We're experts in maximizing ROI, but it starts with your readiness to invest.

  2. Steady Revenue Stream: Your business is generating at least $84k per month consistently over the past 3 months, adding up to a $1M+ annual run rate, our entry-point for clientele.

  3. Aim for Multi-Million Status: While we can guide businesses hitting the $1M mark, our methods truly shine with companies that have $5M+ in annual revenue.

  4. In-house Marketing Resource: You have at least one full-time marketing employee in your team. Freelancers and agencies can supplement the team, but a dedicated in-house resource is crucial to ensure effective execution of the strategies we devise.

  5. Prioritize Strong Branding: A compelling brand narrative and attractive visuals matter to you. We believe in the power of effective copy and creative assets to set your ecommerce experience apart.

  6. Dedication to Data: You understand that data is the compass that guides effective marketing decisions. We're steadfastly data-driven, believing in the power of analytics to optimize strategies and drive growth.

If all these criteria are met, mazel tov! - you might just be our ideal partner. We're selective, preferring to align ourselves with those ready for the journey from 7-figures to 8-figures of annual revenue.

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